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   Born 16/07/1922 in Sumatra (Indonesia).

   1932/43 - Primary and secondary studies in Grasse (06- Fr )
   1946 - Diploma of Engineer in the Hague (Holl.)
   1952 - Architect DPLG in Paris
   1947/55 - Collaborator of Le Corbusier during 3 years for the Housing unit in Marseilles, then for Proven Jean, Vladimir Bodiansky, Andre Sive and Marcel Lods.
   1955/57 - Office in Paris: work of town planning
   1958/69 - Office in Nice: some achievements and researches with his brother François
   1970/78 - Professor of architecture at the University of Damas (Syria)
   1979/87 - Professor of architecture at the University of Reduction (Morocco)
   1987/? - Live in Belvedere where (F-06) he dreams and draws for the future
   Has taken part in Congresses CIAM (International Congresses of Modern Architecture created by Corbusier) in Bergamo (1949), Dubrovnik (1956) and Aix in Provence (1953).
   Has been part of the group GIAP 1965 (International Grouping of Architecure Futurology, creates by Michel Ragon).
   Has been part of The COMPLES 1970 (Mediterranean COopération for Solar energy).
   Creates the group CONSPIRATIFS in Nice - 1996
   Among his significant friends appears Michel Ragon, the artists of the School of Nice and regrettable Reiser.
   More than 60 exhibitions in many country from 1949 to 2000.
   Drawings and models exposed in the Pompidou Center in Paris, in the FRAC Center of Orleans, in the Museum of Modern art of Nice, in the Academy of Architecture in Paris and in the Foundation Claude Nicolas Ledoux d'Arc and Senans.



Not being concerned with the commercial movements, I always wanted to bring new ideas, without taking in account if they are good or bad, beautiful or ugly, saleable or not, but wanting them generally realisable. And thus during years I constituted, if one can say, a panoply of ideas which enable me, each time the need is felt, to draw from my stock and propose others ideas, knowing that an idea is always the child of another.

This position of artist located apart from the circuits businesses led me to a freedom , but whose has a certain price, like not beeing in relation to built reality, which I move away from more and more.

Not having a precise program, I am obliged to imagine as if I had an ideal customer who accepts all my wills. As a matter of fact some of my proposals seem to be architectures - rigid principle, whereas actually it misses a precise program to be perfectly realisable and take a final form. Also there is the jealousy of those who are businessmen, who do not have any ideas but wish to have some and are constantly ready to take them where they are, without any scruple. There are sometimes kicks in the ass which one did not know the origin but which, in the final analysis, are appreciable because they prove you that you are on the way!




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